How to Get Ubasam Wood, Steel Ingots, and Orc Keys in Return to Moria

You can't go dungeon spelunking without these items.

Image of player searching for Ubasam Wood, Steel Ingots, and Orc Keys in Return to Moria.
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The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to finding specific items. Ubasam Wood, Orc Keys, and Steel Ingots are some of the most crucial in particular, and here’s how to get them in Return to Moria if you’re having trouble. 

Return to Moria: Where to Find Ubasam Wood

Inside The Lower Deeps, you can destroy the spiny-like mushroom trees found here to collect Ubasam Wood in Return to Moria. To reach this location, fix the elevator in The Crystal Descent to descend into The Lower Deeps. After defeating Bolgakh, you can loot the surrounding boss arena to find Black Diamonds to repair the lift.

Return to Moria: How to Make Steel Ingots

Unlike the others, you’ll have to make Steel Ingots at the Great Forge of Narvi within the Elven Quarter. A standard forge doesn’t have the proper heat, so this forge is your only way to make the material. Smelt three Iron Ores and three Coals for 45 seconds to craft a Steel Ingot. With these resources, you can make a steel pickaxe and other recipes to improve your arsenal and survivability. 

Return to Moria: How to Get Orc Keys

Lastly, Orc Keys in Return to Moria are lootable after destroying an orc camp’s red banner. Breaking the standard will drop an Orc Key that you can use to open a chest inside the encampment.

From Gold Coins to Black Diamonds, these chests hold all kinds of prizes that are worthwhile to gather whenever you get the opportunity. So, if you ended up trekking past an orc camp earlier in Return to Moria and couldn’t open a chest, consider heading back to gather the loot when possible.

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