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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is another entry in the franchise’s attempts at joining the gaming world, and fortunately, it’s way more decent than the last one. You can play alongside your friends in Middle-Earth, but is there crossplay to join a console friend’s adventure?

Is There Crossplay in Return to Moria?

Return to Moria has no crossplay yet, but this could change soon. During a WCCFTech interview earlier this week, Game Director Jon-Paul Dumont confirmed that crossplay is already included in the game’s roadmap, so the feature should be available anytime soon.

But this absence doesn’t make much of a difference currently, as the game isn’t even available outside PC yet. The PlayStation 5 release was unfortunately delayed to December 5th at the last minute, so crossplay wouldn’t do anything currently as the game isn’t available for Xbox either. Developing a version for Microsoft’s consoles is also included in the game’s roadmap.

The Epic Games Store version includes a multiplayer mode where you can join your dwarf friends in gathering materials to build new structures and equipment, as well as overcome any possible challenge that comes at you. Everyone has to be on PC for a while, but hopefully, it won’t be long before this changes.

Despite confirming both of these future updates for the game, no exact dates were given at any point. For all that we know, crossplay might not be yet available in December, when it would finally be useful. If that’s the case, the feature should be eventually added when the upcoming Xbox versions finally arrive at an indefinite date.

While this might not be a perfect game for everyone’s tastes, it’s already a way better experience than that atrocious Gollum game, which still feels like a collective fever dream we had earlier this year.

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