How to Get to the Emerald Dream from Valdrakken Fast in WoW

Editor's note: it's another portal

If you’ve been to WoW’s new Emerald Dream zone, you might’ve tried flying there using flight masters in the Dragon Isles, only to be dumbfounded when it wasn’t available on the map. Emerald Dream may be an exception to the flightpoint rule, but there’s an easier way to get there.

Emerald Dream Portal Location in Valdrakken

There’s a portal not only to the Emerald Dream but also to the Central Encampment hub area right in Valdrakken. Specifically, it’s located in the Emerald Quarter, at the coordinates [63.0 57.6]. If coordinates aren’t your style (or you simply don’t have an appropriate addon), check the minimap below for the precise location.

Traveling back and forth from the Emerald Dream to Valdrakken was a pain point for me when I started the new content, so I wish I’d known about this portal earlier. Picking up quests, hitting the auction house, or heading to Mythic dungeons will require a lot of back-and-forth, so hopefully, this tip will make your experience a bit smoother.

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A reliance on portals is nothing new for Season 3, especially considering all the “legacy” dungeons appearing in the Mythic+ pool, nearly all of which have their own portals in a brand new area. I guess this would be somewhat of a shame if the Emerald Dream (and soon, every zone!) didn’t feature Dragon Riding as a form of traversal. I can only fly to the Western edge of the map just to get to the new content so many times before losing my marbles.

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