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How to Get to Stormhail in Octopath Traveler 2

Just a hop skip and a jump away

by Daphne Fama

You might have noticed that there is a city in the far northeast of Solista, mocking you as it sits in an expanse of empty space. This is Stormhail, and passage to this city has stumped many. Here is how to get to Stormhail in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Get to Stormhail in Octopath Traveler 2

Stormhail is an important city for our merry band of misfits. It is a necessary hub if you want to complete Hikari’s Chapter 4, Ochette’s Chapter 2, and Temenos’s Chapter 3. It is also a city that is hiding many of the necessary components to unlock the Inventor Job Skills.

As for how to get there, you will need to get to Western Montwise Pass, which is reachable by going one map left from Montwise then heading far left until you hit the save point. From there, head north up the long flight of stairs.

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Alternatively, head there from Flamechurch. Go right through Eastern Flamechurch Pass, then continue straight when you hit Borderfall. Continue straight until you hit Western Montwise Pass, then head north.

Eventually, at the top of the flight of stairs, you will see a man blocking your way. He will challenge you to a duel. Bring your best fighter and kick his butt. He has 6 Strength, so make sure your duelist can manage that. He is weak to Sword, Darkness, and one other physical weapon (staff, dagger, or bow). He has approximately 15,000 HP.

Once you defeat him, you will be able to enter Northern Montwise Pass, which we will need to get through in order to reach Stormhail. Fortunately, there is only one true path. All the other branching paths lead to around half a dozen loot chests.

Upon emerging from the cavern, you will be in Southern Stormhail Snows. You are almost there; you just need to take the stairs down to the left. But before you do, talk to the man on the right. You will get both an Attack on Titan reference and a chance to get the quest item, The Curious Legend of the Great Wall!

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