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How to Get the Wishbone Achievement in Dead Space Remake

I wouldn't say the wishbone is the arms or legs, but close enough.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Necromorph Fight

As with most games on various platforms, Dead Space Remake houses a whole heap of achievements for you to complete to get that coveted 100% completion. Some challenges are so easy that they simply ask you to complete chapters, though others, like completing the game on Impossible mode, are much harder and require a ton of practice. One achievement seems to be tripping some people up, though is easy once you know what you have to do. Here’s how to get the Wishbone achievement in Dead Space Remake.

How to Complete the Wishbone Trophy in Dead Space Remake

This achievement is available no matter what platform you’re on, but asks that you “Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis”. While at first, this might seem like some objective you complete, it’s entirely missable. To get it, you’re going to need two things. First, a necromorph of course, though we suggest one of the weaker variants. You’ll also need your Pulse Rifle with a decent amount of ammo.

Once you have both those things, use your stasis on the necromorph and slowly chip away at one of its limbs using the Pulse Rifle. You’re looking to get it to where the limb is dangling on a bit of flesh and is about to fall off. We’d also suggest shooting an arm over a leg for this since it’ll make the next step easier. Once you have it down to that bit of flesh, quickly use kinesis and try to grab the armor. In theory, it should rip clean off and give you the achievement.

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Wishbone is by no means the hardest achievement to get in Dead Space Remake, but it’s not the easiest one either. Still, with a few attempts and some careful Pulse Rifle shots, you should get it without much issue. Just try not to get killed in the process.

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