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How to Get the Void Form Power in Starfield

Can't hit what ya can't see.

While you can handle most fights in Starfield without using them, having the right Power for the job can make all the difference. Sure, you can wait for an enemy to peek out of cover to shoot them. However, using Anti-Gravity Field to force them out of cover makes a world of difference. One such Power is incredibly good for stealth players, though how you get it is up in the air. Here’s how to get the Void Form Power in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Void Form Power in Starfield

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The Void Form Power, like all other Powers in Starfield, is found randomly when checking temples. Every time you complete the repeatable Power From Beyond mission, you’ll receive a random Power from the 24 available ones. It’s possible you could get the Void Form Power on the third temple, or you may not get it until the 21st. The best way you can get it is by continuing to visit Vladimir upon receiving the Power From Beyond mission, then checking the temple and hoping for the best.

Once you have the Void Form Power, it can be selected from the Powers Menu, located at the top of the Data Menu. In the Powers menu, it’ll be the top right option on the outer ring. Select the Power, then press either Z on your keyboard or LB + RB on your controller to use it. This will cost 45 Energy of the maximum 60 Energy your character holds. This can be sped up by using one Quantum Essence, found in the Powers menu in the bottom left.

Is the Void Form Power Worth Using in Starfield?

Starfield Void Form Power Sniper
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When used, the Void Form Power will render you nearly invisible to NPCs. This effect will end after around 10 seconds, meaning you’ll need to be quick about your movements. This makes Void Form very good when trying to stealth through a section of Starfield. Certain missions will benefit you greatly when stealthing, such as the mission Absolute Power. However, if you plan to go guns blazing permanently, you won’t find much use for it. This also won’t block your sounds, so running and shooting will still get you discovered.

If you’re looking for more details surrounding Powers, check out our guide on all Powers in Starfield.

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