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How to Get the Muscle Band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Time to flex those muscles

by Patrick Souza

In order to be the very best like no one ever was, a trainer needs to be prepared for each and every situation they may find themselves in with their teams. A wise usage of held items is, therefore, necessary for those decisive moments during battles. Knocking out the opponent with one or two moves can completely turn the tables in a match.

For that purpose, we have the Muscle Band, which will directly increase the power of every Physical Move used by your Pokemon by 10%. It may be weaker than other items with a greater payoff, like Choice Band, for example, but it’s still a powerful option nonetheless. Here’s where you can get it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Where to Get the Muscle Band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Like many of the other Battle Items present in the Gen IX games, you can buy the Muscle Band from the Delibird Present stores around Paldea. It is available as soon as you start the game and cost only 8000 Poke Dollars, meaning you can use it fairly early into the game to get that extra boost for your physical sweeper.

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Although the aforementioned Choice Band gives you a superior boost in attack, it comes with the downside of being locked to a single Move until you swap your Pokemon out, which can be a huge disadvantage if your opponent goes for a Pokemon resistant to said Move. This makes Muscle Band a more appealing choice if you’re wanting to do some setup first.

And if you couldn’t care less for competitive battles, it’s also a valuable item for completing the game’s story or simply training your Pokemon to a certain level. You can even get multiple of them at Delibird Presents if you want to, so there’s enough for your whole party! Except for the Special attackers, of course. Don’t use it on those. 

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