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How to Get the Mugshot Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

What I saw in that toilet was so much more vile than any death animation

by Daphne Fama

The Callisto Protocol mastery with blood spray would make Jackson Pollock weep. This is a survival horror game that knows that terror is built not just through the story but visuals and sound as well. And so much attention to detail has gone into the environment pilot-turned-prisoner, Jacob Lee.

And Striking Distance Studios, the developer for The Callisto Protocol, seems well aware that this horror game’s stunning (and ghastly) visuals are its crowning achievement. To that end, Mugshot is an achievement that’s meant to get you to appreciate the visuals of the game truly.

But it’s fairly easy to complete without once stumbling on how.

How to Get the Mugshot Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

As the title implies, the Mugshot Achievement requires taking a photo of Jacob Lee. Doing so is straightforward. Find a scene you like (can I suggest the truly questionable toilet in the showers, filled with a… mysterious… substance? And no, it’s not what you think it is). Press the pause button, and you’ll be brought into the menu. Select take a photo.

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From here, The Callisto Protocol has given you a wide range of features to experiment with your shot. You can tinge the scene in red (red means scary – the real ones will get this), and make it a noir scene. You can even cut away the very spirit of the achievement by removing Jacob from the scene and getting a purely environmental shot.

There’s even a hashtag if you want to upload your shot to Twitter. If Striking Distance Studios did one thing right with this launch, it was their aggressive advertising campaign.

Once you’re happy with the scene, pull or press your right trigger button. Not only will you take a screenshot, but you’ll also unlock the Mugshot Achievement.

One achievement down, 25 more to go!

Daphne Fama

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