How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO

How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO

Gotta Catch 'Em All but with 100% accuracy

It’s interesting that the Master Ball was only recently added to Pokemon GO, considering it has been a part of the Pokemon universe since the early days of the original Game Boy games, such as Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red (I was there, one thousand years ago).

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The rare Master Ball has only one function, which is to catch Pokémon with a guaranteed 100% catch chance – no matter which Pokémon you throw it at. So, now that the Master Ball has finally been added to Pokemon GO, many players are wondering how to get it. Let’s find out.

Where to Get Master Ball in Pokemon GO

The Master Ball was added to Pokemon GO in the May 2023 update and will be available until June 1, as it seems. In order to win it, amazingly enough, you don’t need to go through any paywalls (at least for now) – the Master Ball is actually a reward for Special Research.

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To claim it, enter Season 10: Rising Heroes of Let’s Go Special Research. Just keep in mind that this is a time-limited event, so you need to log into the game and start it before June 1, 2023. You just need to start this Research before the expiry date, as you can finish it at a later date. In Season 10, complete everything required to reach the fifth step of the Research, once you complete it you will get one free Master Ball.

How To Get More Master Balls in Pokemon GO

For now, the developers from Niantic, Inc. state only that there will be “future opportunities in Pokémon GO to acquire more”, but it is not specified exactly how. I guess we will find out in June when the opportunity to win a free-sample Master Ball expires. My guess is that they will sell them, and not cheap – but of course, it remains to be seen.

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