How to Get the Magma Camo in MW3

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Magma Camo MW3
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Modern Warfare 3 has been full of events that provide players with the chance to earn more cosmetics and the Magma Camo is the latest one to join the list. In this guide, I will outline how you can unlock the camo and where to equip it on your weapon.

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How to Unlock the Magma Camo in Modern Warfare 3

To get the Magma Camo, you need to earn over 1.2 million XP during the Vortex: War’s Domain event in Season 1. The event started on January 3 and will run for nearly two weeks, which gives players plenty of time to reach the end of the event track. There are plenty of cosmetics to earn in the vortex, but the Magma cosmetic for your weapons is the final reward.

Like a few other event-based camos, this one is animated, which makes it that much more valuable for anyone who wants the best-looking guns out in the COD arena. Magma Camo isn’t the flashiest when you compare it to Ghoulie or even something like the Golden River from Season 0. However, it’s definitely worth the passive XP grind.

Why is the Magma Camo Not Appearing in MW3?

You need to reach 1.2 million XP to earn the Magma Camo in the event’s section of your camo collection, so it won’t appear there until you have earned all of it. At the time of this writing, the full event appears to be done after earning around 450,000 XP, and all the rewards will appear to be completed.

However, Sledgehammer already confirmed that the XP in the Vortex: War’s Domain event track isn’t accurate. The 450,000 XP mark is a little under halfway to the final reward, so expect to invest double the time to earn the Magma Camo before the event goes away for good.

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