How to Get the Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage

Give everyone guns ASAP

With the arrival of Wave 4 for the Fire Emblem Engage DLC, we get an entirely new class! The Mage Cannoneer which, predictably, is a mage with a giant cannon strapped to them. But how you can unlock this class for yourself? And is it any good? Here’s how to get the Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage.

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How to Get the Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage

Wave 4 hit on April 4, and with it has come a whole new storyline, new recruitable characters, and even two new classes. But actually, trying out these new classes is much more difficult than you might think.

To unlock the Mage Cannoneer, you’re going to need to complete the Fell Xenologue campaign. There are a total of six chapters you’re going to have to contend with, with about four to five hours of gameplay and cut scenes to get through. But once you’ve successfully beaten the final boss and get the end credits, you’ll return to the Somniel where you’ll get a whole host of items.

Including a Mage Cannon and Mystic Satchel. It’s the Mage Cannon that will let you transform one of your units into a Mage Cannoneer. And yes, it’s possible to have more than one in your party! But unlike Master Seals, Mage Cannons are very expensive.

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Simply head into the item shop and you’ll find that they’re for sale for 90,000 gold. Or 63,000, if you got the Silver Card from Tiki’s Paralogue. Either way, that’s a huge heap of cash.

But is it worth it?

Mage Cannoneer’s Base Stats in Fire Emblem Engage:

Mage Cannoneer205555555534

Mage Cannoneer’s Growth Rates in Fire Emblem Engage:

Mage Cannoneer15101551020510

Mage Cannoneer’s Max Stats in Fire Emblem Engage:

Mage Cannoneer734523432331492418

So, as you can see, they’ve got a respectable health pool and plenty of defense, strength, and dexterity. Which might seem odd, for a class with Mage in the name. But Mage Cannoneers are all about the cannon! Their long-range abilities make them quite effective, and if their movement causes them to get surrounded, they’ll be fine, too.

It’s a fun class to experiment with, but it’s far too early to see how it’ll fit into the Relay meta.

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