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How to Get the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4

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by Patrick Souza

Walking through endless plains and fighting terrible monsters is a trope that never really gets old, and that’s all Diablo IV is about. The open world is very rich and welcoming, making it a nice counterpart to the many dungeons you’ll have to go through during your path to Lilith. But walking all that on your bare feet can be tiresome.

There are plenty of mounts available to make faster journeys around the land, which are especially helpful when you’re trying to reach somewhere with no nearby Waypoints. One of them is the Light Bearer mount, and here’s how you can get it.

How to Get The Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4

The Light Bearer Mount is one of the various pre-ordering rewards for Diablo IV Standard Edition. If you reserved your game copy ahead of its launch, you’ll be able to claim it as soon as you start playing the fully released game. 

By pre-ordering the Standard Edition, you also get extra rewards for other games available through, such as a different mount for World of Warcraft and cosmetics for Diablo III. If you ordered the Digital Deluxe version, you also get the Temptation mount.

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It’s important to notice that you can only claim it after the game is actually out. You cannot claim pre-ordering rewards during the Beta or the Server Slam periods as all progress (characters and items included) will be lost with Diablo IV’s full release. There are actually no mounts available in the Beta, so you’ll have to stick to your feet during it.

But don’t worry about having to walk a mile during the whole beta. There are seven Waypoints scattered around the Fractured Peaks in strategic points to try to minimize all of that walking. You’ll still have to run a lot to get to certain points like the World Boss’ den, so you better start stretching those legs.

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