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How to Play Couch Co-op in Diablo 4 (PS5 and Xbox)

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by Grant Testa
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Despite the fact that it is still only in the Beta stage, the upcoming Diablo IV provides countless hours of role-playing, hack and slash, dungeon-crawling fun (if you manage to wait through the long queue times). Although roaming the game’s open world in solitude can be entertaining, something that enhances the Diablo IV experience is bringing a friend to join in on the demon-slaying action. While the PC version solely includes online multiplayer, Diablo IV console players (on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S) have the additional option for couch co-op gameplay, allowing them to bring an in-person friend or relative along for the journey.

Even though the early access Beta for Diablo IV has officially concluded, the game’s open Beta will arrive on March 24, 2023, providing more opportunities for some couch co-op fun if you missed out during the early access phase. Here is everything you need to know about couch co-op in Diablo IV on PlayStation and Xbox, which will be available from Friday March 24 to Monday March 27, 2023.

Diablo IV Couch Co-Op Explained

In order to play couch co-op on PlayStation or Xbox consoles in the Diablo IV Beta, you will need the following:

Step One: You Need Two Controllers

This should be obvious, but if you don’t have two DualShock 4 controllers (on PS4), two DualSense wireless controllers (on PS5), or two Xbox wireless controllers (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), you won’t be able to play Diablo IV in couch co-op mode.

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Step Two: You Must Have Two PlayStation Network or Xbox Profiles

In order to play Diablo IV in co-op you need two PlayStation Network or Xbox profiles. If your co-op partner has an account, they can enter their email and password, otherwise a second account will need to be created in order to proceed.

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Step Three: Make Sure Both Console Accounts are Connected to Blizzard

Players must have their respective PlayStation or Xbox accounts connected to Blizzard’s “” in order to play couch co-op in Diablo IV. Setting up the account is free and simple, requiring only an email, password, and username (which can be randomly generated if you desire).

Step Four: Your Two Co-Op Characters Must Complete the Prologue

Before you can get into couch co-op, both players’ characters need to complete the game’s prologue first.

Step Five: Get Ready to Play!

After you have completed steps one through four, you can easily begin the cooperative fun. Here is the quick explanation:

  • With the first controller, log into the game
  • As seen in the “Diablo IV Couch Co-Op Explained” image above, using the second controller, hit the corresponding button to “join” (depending on your platform)
  • Sign in to the other PlayStation or Xbox account on your second controller, if you haven’t already
  • Select a character that has completed the prologue
  • Enjoy the Diablo IV open Beta couch co-op!

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