How to Get the Kepler R Ship for Free in Starfield

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Starfield Kepler R Ship
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When it comes to acquiring ships in Starfield, getting a ship that fits your needs well is going to be a godsend later on. Take the Razorleaf for example, earned through completing the Mantis side mission. It’s an insanely good ship for the early game, and has the extra ability of making Spacers run away in terror at your presence. One other ship is fairly solid, but can only be gotten through a specific mission. Here’s how to get the Kepler R ship for free in Starfield.

Where to Get the Kepler R Ship in Starfield

To get the Kepler R ship in Starfield, you’ll want to complete the Overdesigned side mission while completing both of the optional objectives. This side mission is given by Walter Stroud in the Lodge in New Atlantis, shortly after completing the mission High Price to Pay. Once spoken to, he’ll ask you to help with the Research and Development team at the Stroud-Eklund Staryard. This is a mostly straightforward mission, though it’s important that you complete both the optional objectives to complete certain missions when asked. Otherwise, you’ll get the Kepler S ship instead.

The two missions you’re asked to complete are a Bounty mission and a Passenger mission. The former is easy and can be done no matter what, though the Passenger mission will require that your ship has enough passenger slots. To add passenger slots, head to a Ship Services Technician and modify your ship to add a hab that features passenger slots. I suggest the All-in-One Berth 2×1 from any manufacturer, but you can choose whichever you’d like.

Once you’ve done both those option missions, return to the Staryard and continue the mission as normal. Once done, you’ll receive the Kepler R ship from Walter as an appreciation gift for your help.

Is the Kepler R Ship Worth Getting?

The Kepler R is a Class C ship, which means you’ll need to be Rank 4 in the Piloting skill. If you can fly it, it comes with 2800 Fuel, nearly 1000 in Hull, and a staggering several thousand Cargo Capacity. Its main drawback is in its offensive capabilities since it only houses a Laser and Ballistic weapon. It’ll do you wonders if you want to hold a lot of items, but it’ll need some work to fend itself off in battle.

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