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How to Get the Howl From Below Unique in Diablo 4

These corpses have a particular vendetta against your foes.

Diablo 4’s Unique items can completely change the game when it comes to your power level. Having a good set of Legendaries with a complementary set of Aspects can bring about a lot of power to a specific build, but those Uniques are an entirely new level if used correctly. One such Unique is exclusive to us Necromancers and can make Corpse builds even better. Here’s how to get the Howl From Below Unique gloves in Diablo 4.

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Where to Find the Howl From Below Unique in Diablo 4

The Howl From Below Unique gloves can be acquired the same way as almost every other Unique in Diablo 4 can be acquired. You’ll find them as a random drop, with that chance triggering upon killing enemies, opening chests, and breaking any breakables scattered across the map. If you want to farm Uniques specifically, your best bet will be to farm various dungeons and world events, including World Bosses and Legion Events. If you’re lucky, then hopefully the Howl From Below Unique gloves will be yours.

What Does the Howl From Below Unique Do?

As mentioned above, the Howl From Below gloves are exclusively for Necromancers, modifying the Corpse Explosion ability. Instead of merely exploding, the Corpse will become a Volatile Skeleton (see the Army of the Dead Ultimate to see what those are) and charge at a nearby enemy. There, it will explode for Corpse Explosion’s damage. The damage of said Corpse Explosion is also increased by 30-40%, depending on the item roll.

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This may not seem like much on paper, but it can be a massive help in Corpse-based builds. Often you’ll find that certain corpses are too far away from the enemies you’re trying to kill. This makes them useful still, along with the nice increase to the Corpse Explosion’s damage. A good combo here would be to use Corpse Tendrils to pull everyone in, then spam Corpse Explosion around the arena to create endless Corpse Explosions in the center of your enemies. Thinking about it in my current build, which uses Corpse Explosion, is just making my mouth water.

If you’re looking for another Unique to help complement this build, check out our guide on how to get the Black River Scythe in Diablo 4.

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