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How to get the F*** Anton rifle with Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6

Who is this Anton and why doesn't the weapon creator love him?

by Nikola L

So, you want to get that upgraded AKM called *bleep* Anton in Far Cry 6? Wait, what’s that “bleep” sound? Ooh, we get it. Anyway, welcome to our (redacted) Anton rifle guide. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to get this M-rated AKM in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find the F*** Anton rifle and how to use the Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6

The first thing you should do to get this (censored) Anton rifle is to reach Madrugada, which is in the northwest part of the map. By doing a couple of missions, you will be led into the Montero Farm, and there you will find Chorizo, who is the key to the operation. It’s a cute little dog with a small wheelchair for his back feet.

The task is to feed this adorable pupper, which eventually leads up to a task where you follow Chorizo as he’s digging around. Stay focused, since a Mysterious Key will appear.

Now, open your map and look to the bottom left. You shall see “Isla Santuario”. That’s where you’re headed next. You are looking for Casas Cove, and a small island that’s in the middle of it called Guau-Guau. You’ll notice that “Guau-Guau” is inscribed on Chorizo’s Mysterious Key. On the island, you will see an orange chest, bonfire, and a blue makeshift tent.

Use the key and open the chest and loot the F*** Anton Rifle.

Now that you’ve done the deed, it’s time to explain the perks of having this gun:

  • Poison Rounds: Deals poison damage over time that can cause poisoned enemies to turn on each other
  • Muzzle Brake: Improves recoil and muzzle flash
  • Trigger Discipline: Improves damage when aiming
  • Nimble Shooter: Increases movement speed while aiming

F*** Anton has a mag capacity of 30 rounds and enough RPM to shoot out the entire mag in just three seconds (six hundred rounds per minute, or 10 per second).

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