How to Get the Ephemeral Spark Ship in Destiny 2 Solstice 2023

The newest exotic ship

It’s that time of the year again, and Eva Levante has returned to the Tower in Destiny 2 to celebrate the annual Solstice event. A new Rocket Launcher, Shader, and armor set are all up for grabs, including a new exotic Ship, the Ephemeral Spark. Here’s how to get it.

How to Get the Ephemeral Spark Ship in Destiny 2

This item is part of the Event Card for Solstice 2023, and can be unlocked by throwing one hundred Igniters into the Bonfire during the Bonfire Bash activity. Thankfully fireteam members also count towards the progress, so 4-5 runs through the activity should net you the Ship.

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To find the ship, open up your quest tab in the director and find the Event Card section next to Seasonal Quests. In here, you will find a list of Challenges that can be completed to unlock various rewards. The Challenge you are looking for is called Fuel For The Fire III.

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To complete the challenge, go to the director and select the Tower. You’ll see a large icon for the Bonfire Bash activity. Load into it, and you will be placed in the European Aeronautics Zone. At the center of the area is a large Taken Blight that must be destroyed to begin the construction of the Bonfires. Fight enemies around the area to find Ignition Carriers. When killed, these enemies drop Igniters, which must be thrown into the Bonfire. These are what count towards your progress.

Once you and your teammates have thrown one hundred igniters total, you will complete Fuel for The Fire III. Head into your event card and claim your ship.

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