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How to Get the Doomscrolling Spray in Valorant

Fade's had enough internet for one day.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Doomscrolling Spray

As of writing, there are around 386 different sprays in Valorant. That’s a lot of different things you can paste onto a wall, though having more is a nice bonus. These are generally earned through more conventional means, like buying bundles in the Valorant shop or through earning them in each Act’s battle pass. One spray has a different method of earning it though. Here’s how to get the Doomscrolling spray in Valorant.

Where Do You Get the Doomscrolling Spray in Valorant?

The Doomscrolling spray depicts our favorite nightmare Fade scrolling through the internet doing just as the spray says, doomscrolling. If you’re confused about just what that is, doomscrolling is the act of browsing through the internet for extended periods, finding a lot of negative news. This has a lot of mental and physical downsides to health, though we won’t be going into that here.

As for how you get the spray yourself, you’re going to need an account on Twitch with a Prime Gaming subscription. This can either be subscribed to separately, or obtained through Amazon Prime for free if you’re already subscribed to that. Once you’ve done that, head to the main Twitch page and click the crown in the top right. Select “Visit the Prime Gaming Loot Page”, then search for the spray on the page. You can also claim items for other games in case you don’t have them yet. Once you’ve found it, select “Get in-game content”, follow the remaining steps, and the spray will be available to equip in-game!

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The Doomscrolling spray will be available for around a month from writing, before being replaced by a new gift at some point. It could be another spray or Buddy like the recent Slay Ride buddy. If Riot is feeling generous, another skin like the Wayfinder Shorty from a while back.

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