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How to Get the Disguise Field Upgrade in COD DMZ

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The Disguise Field Upgrade is one of the latest additions to the Call of Duty: DMZ mode, and it offers up one of the best ways to move around the map unnoticed by enemies, whether they are players or AI. In this guide, I’ll cover where you can get the upgrade and how it works within the game.

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Where to Find the Disguise Field Upgrade in DMZ

You can get the Disguise Field Upgrade by searching chests or duffel bags on any of the DMZ maps. The higher the rarity on the chest, the better your odds are of finding the Field Upgrade. But there is no guarantee of finding one, regardless of where you go. I was able to get my own Disguise by searching simple chests in Taraq.

I also tried looking for the Disguise Field Upgrade in the Barter section of Al Mazrah and I wasn’t able to find a recipe. Considering the upgrade also can’t be unlocked for loadouts in the COD DMZ, you will need to rely on luck in most cases.

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How to Use a Disguise in COD DMZ

To use a Disguise in DMZ, make sure the Field Upgrade is equipped, and then activate the ability within any hostile location. The Disguise will make you appear like an AI soldier from a specific faction. So if two factions are at odds, and you try to mix with both, it won’t end well.

As long as you are walking amongst the faction, you are Disguised as the enemy AI won’t shoot at you. Even enemy players could be thrown off by the new costume if you can move in a convincing manner. However, if you start shooting the AI, your cover is compromised, and you must fight your way through the DMZ.

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