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How to Get the Dark Decider in Destiny 2

Is there ever a light decider? What about a penumbra decider.

by Daphne Fama

Do you like auto rifles? Do you like auto rifles that perform just as well in PvE as they do in PvP? Then do I have a gun for you. This season has seen the release of a new Energy auto rifle called the Dark Decider. But it’s a gun that can easily be lost forever if you’re not careful. Here’s how to get the Dark Decider in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Dark Decider in Destiny 2

Destiny 2, like many long-running games that want to keep you playing, has weapons that can only be obtained during events. And one of the best events for unique weapons and armor is the Iron Banner, which only occurs for one week twice in a season.

The Vendor is Lord Saladin, an old Guardian who’s seen the Red War and is now one of the highest-ranking warriors in the Cabal army, after proving himself in hand-to-hand combat. He appears in the tower close to the Cryptarch Rahool, who decrypts our various Prime and Purple Engrams.

Lord Saladin will offer Guardians a variety of weapons for competing in the Iron Banner at the Crucible. And that includes the Dark Decider, an assault rifle that can only be obtained by reaching rank 4 with Lord Saladin.

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Naturally, the only way to upgrade your ranks with Lord Saladin is by playing the Iron Banner. But you can accelerate this process by wearing a full suit of the Iron Companion gear, and for now those reputation boosts have been boosted.

But once you have it, what’s the best roll for it?

Dark Decider God Roll in Destiny 2

The Dark Decider is a very solid gun in any shape you find it in, but the ideal roll looks like so:

  • Basic Barrel: Arrowhead Brake. +30 Recoil, +10 Handling.
  • Basic Magazine: Flared Magwell. Reload Speed +15, Stability +5
  • Trait 1: Subsistence for PvE. On weapon kill refreshes 10% of magazine, 17% if on a submachine gun or auto rifle. OR Dynamic Sway Reduction for PvP. During sustained fire, gradually increases accuracy and adds up to +10 stability. Takes.6 seconds to maximize effect.
  • Trait 2: Voltshock. Reloading this weapon after defeating a target overcharges this weapon for a short period, causing a jolt on its next hit.

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