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How to Get the Cronen Squall in COD DMZ

Who needs Battle Pass tiers?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
COD DMZ Season 3

Two new weapons were added to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 3, and it’s the Cronen Squall that will take much longer to unlock through the Battle Pass. However, we can skip that process if we jump into the COD DMZ mode which will save us time and money in some cases.

The main difference will be that earning weapons through the DMZ exfil mechanic will take more skill and luck in the long run. To help you maximize your chances and escape the zone with a new Cronen Squall, we’ll go over how you can find the Battle Rifle for yourself in COD DMZ.

Call of Duty DMZ – How to Unlock the Cronen Squall

Since the initial release of the DMZ mode, any weapon that you can successfully exfil with will be globally unlocked in every other mode, including Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer. DLC weapons tend to be much tougher to find than the standard weapons though, so we need to get creative.

Two new bosses have appeared in the COD DMZ mode, and it’s the Scavenger boss that you want to take down for the best shot at new equipment. This boss appears in the dunes of Al Mazrah or on Ashika Island and defeating the boss can lead to an FJX Imperium or a Cronen Squall.

Considering how fresh Season 3 of Warzone 2 is, you’ll also likely see some enemy Operators running around with the Squall. If you can take down an enemy carrying the weapon, it’s all yours. You can even have a friend drop the Cronen that they deployed with and you’ll be able to extract it right away.

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Building 21 is your last possible method of earning a Cronen Squall within the COD DMZ. However, it won’t be guaranteed as loot within the building, and gaining access is limited. Be prepared for some deadly encounters if you decide to jump into the chaos, looking for a fresh battle rifle.

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