How to Get the Combat Discipline Mod in Warframe

Discipline yourself to raise your comrades to new heights!

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If your goal is to make the best build you possibly can in Warframe, then getting the right mods will help tremendously. While you could use the Automod feature and mostly be fine in earlier levels, you’ll need to tailor-make your build to play to your Warframe or weapon’s strength to succeed. One mod has some niche uses, but can definitely be a welcome addition to those niche uses. Here’s how to get the Combat Discipline mod in Warframe.

Where to Find the Combat Discipline Mod in Warframe

The Combat Discipline mod can be found exclusively through the Arbitrations game mode. To access Arbitrations, you must complete all nodes on the Star Chart in regular mode, not necessarily needing to complete all nodes in the Steel Path. Once you get access to one, you’ll have a somewhat small chance to get the mod, with that percentage chance increasing for each rotation. Rotation A gives it a 2% chance to drop, Rotation B climbs to a 2.5% chance, then Rotation C offers the highest chance at 3.5%. If you don’t have another reason to do Arbitrations, we wouldn’t suggest exclusively farming for it. If you want some Vitus Essence though, then this should come naturally.

What Does the Combat Disciple Mod Do?

Warframe Combat Discipline Mod
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The Combat Discipline mod will drain one health every time you get a kill. In exchange, all allies will gain five health when they kill an enemy. At max rank, this increases to 10 health lost on kill, with allies gaining 20 health on kill. This makes this aura mod perfect for a Trinity build, as her Well of Life will allow you to essentially negate the health lost on kill. You’ll basically be giving free health to your allies, helping to further your abilities as a support. Harrow and Voruna can see similar use cases for this aura as well.

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No matter who you use the aura mod on, Combat Discipline should help your allies out in a pinch. Another great aura mod is Growing Power, which you can check out our guide on to learn how to get.

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