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How to Get the Coded Sword in Elden Ring

You could use a fancy sword like this, or you could go collossal and smash everything with a big hunk of metal like a real gamer

by Lucas White

There’s a lot going on in the Leyndell Royal Capital area, even for Elden Ring. It’s easy to clear the main parts and miss all kinds of stuff, and it’s also easy to lose several hours learning there are three bosses in this dang castle. But it’s worth exploring for all the goodies you can find, especially if you’re using a lot of Faith. That’s because you can find the Coded Sword, which starts at a B rank for Faith scaling and comes with the Unblockable Blade skill. Yes, you can take its name at face value.

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So here’s how to find it. There are several ways you can approach, but you need to start in the area behind the main gate. You may recognize this as the part where a bow-wielding knight harasses you behind his spear buddy. Those arrows are no joke. For this though, head in the opposite direction. There’s a lot of sand, a few dogs and what looks like a bunch of dilapidated stables. If you hop on the ones to the right you can get to a castle ledge which leads directly to an abandoned Roundtable area.

You can find a lot of stuff in here, including another Seedbed Curse if you’re looking for those. As you explore, all you need to do is head to the throne room, which is behind a set of double doors behind the table. The Coded Sword is simply hanging out on the throne, waiting for you to come pick it up. Whoever put it there didn’t even have the decency to put it in a chest!

It isn’t perfect since you’re relying on Holy damage, but in the right situation the Coded Sword can be devastating. The Unblockable Blade skill is super powerful, but perhaps more handy is the absence of recoil or “weapon bounce.” Despite being a one-handed weapon you can hit things like shields or thicker enemies without getting bounced back. Wild!

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