How to Get All Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get the Blue Starfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Blue ingredients for your Blue Potato potion.

Soon after the Pride of the Valley update dropped in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players were quick to get their hands on the Blue Potato. This discovery led to the Brilliant Blue Potion, and to make the new potion, players will need to find a Blue Starfish among other items within the game.

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Each ingredient of the Brilliant Blue Potion tied to the potato will have its own process for collection. Many of them are fairly well hidden, and that includes the Blue Starfish. However, we’re here to help you find the item so you can get started on making your next rare potion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get the Blue Starfish

There are two ocean-based items that you’ll need for the Blue Potato potion. One is the shell that is found in Moana’s Realm, and the other is the Blue Starfish that is tied to Ariel. Of course, that means you’ll need to make your way to the Little Mermaid’s Realm with the boat so you can begin exploring the small islands.

The specific part of the map you want to find is Prince Eric’s Island, which you can access through the Skull Rock. When you arrive at the island, you want to work your way left toward the water. You’ll eventually find some rocks on the water with a distinct blue shell. From here, push forward until you can walk on the water.

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You’ll know you’re at the right spot in Disney Dreamlight Valley because there will be invisible walls that you have to bounce off of in search of a small path. Keep following the water path past two toward the shore where there’s another path in the sand next to some rocks and tall grass. In that path is the Blue Starfish. Collect it and make be on your way to the next ingredient.

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