How to Get the Blessed Ring in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 Blessed Ring
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If you’re looking to maximize the potential of your Remnant 2 build, then getting the right rings is essential to that goal. You have four of them to slot in, each able to provide a game-changing buff usually related to a particular stat. One such ring can depend on random chance but is excellent for those wanting a tank build. Here’s how to get the Blessed Ring in Remnant 2.

Where to Find the Blessed Ring in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Cass
Image via Prima Games.

The Blessed Ring, like many other strong rings in Remnant 2, can be found in Cass’ shop within Ward 13. If you head toward the garden and cemetery from the Worldstone, she’s the first shop on the right. Once you find her, you must check if she has the ring in stock. If she does, then you can easily pick it up for 500 Scrap. If she doesn’t, you’ll need to wait a set amount of time and check again to see if she has the ring back in stock. We know these kinds of chances are frustrating to deal with.

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What Does the Blessed Ring Do?

Once you finally have the ring, you’ll want to know what it does. With the ring equipped, you will gain two stacks of Bulwark that last 15 seconds every time you use your Relic. This can pair nicely with other Bulwark-giving effects or with certain Relics like the Void Heart Relic, a personal favorite of mine that gives hefty damage reduction for a short time before giving you all missing health. Needless to say, big fans of the Challenger Archetype should have a field day with this ring.

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