How to Get the Bioluminescence Camo in MW3

One grind to rule them all

Bioluminescent Camo MW3
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Modern Warfare 3 has one of the most extensive lists of camos in any Call of Duty game, and one of the best is easily the Bioluminescent mastery camo. To get it though, there is a long grind ahead, which I’m here to explain before you dive in.

How to Unlock the Bioluminescent Camo in Modern Warfare 3

To unlock the Bioluminescent Camo, you need to complete 51 Arachnida Challenges for the Modern Warfare 2 weapons in MW3 Zombies. This camo is reserved for MW2 weapons alone, which means you won’t be able to use any of this year’s weapons to unlock it. The grind can completely change depending on how much time you played last year.

Bioluminescent Unlock MW3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Arachnida Challenges themselves are also part of the camo grind. You need to unlock Golden Ivory on an entire weapon class to access Spinel Husk. Once you complete 51 Spinel Husk Challenges, you gain access to the Arachnida Challenges. Remember that you need to master weapon classes in some cases to continue on to the next camo.

Compared to the other camo grinds, Bioluminescent easily has the most weapons required for completion. There is a silver lining, though. Because there are so many MW2 weapons, the 51 that you grind can be much easier. Most players can skip weapons like launchers and melee to make the whole process easier.

Just remember that Bioluminescent will also require your weapons to be leveled up. I already have all the MW2 weapons from last year at max level, so the grind is much shorter for me, and I can start earning camos. But if you are new to COD in the last couple of years, prepare for a massive XP and camo challenge grind.

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