How to Get the Aspect of Fortune in Diablo 4

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Aspect of Fortune Diablo 4
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There is a massive list of Aspects in the Codex of Power, but not every aspect is included in the Diablo 4 dungeon list. Some of them, such as the Aspect of Fortune, can’t be unlocked by taking down a boss. It’s definitely much harder to obtain and I’m here to outline how finding this effect works. Here’s how to get the Aspect of Fortune in Diablo 4.

How to Unlock the Aspect of Fortune in Diablo 4

The only way to unlock the Aspect of Fortune is by extracting it from another Legendary item. Some of the effects in Diablo 4 can only be obtained by getting the right Legendary, whether that’s an armor or weapon piece. When you have the Legendary item with the desired effect, you can extract the Aspect, which will destroy the item in the process. I have already extracted numerous effects and I even keep some in my inventory for later use.

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Because of the grinding nature of Diablo 4, there is no guaranteed way to get the Aspect of Fortune. The best path forward is to increase your chances of getting a Legendary item so that the fortune effect eventually drops. This can be done by increasing the World Tier, completing Nightmare Dungeons, and participating in the Helltide events.

Diablo 4 Aspect of Fortune Effect

The Aspect of Fortune is all about increasing your lucky hit chance and only the Sorcerer class is able to wield the effect. I also recommend saving this for a barrier build or else the Lucky Hit chance won’t increase.

Essentially, your Lucky Hit chance will increase by 10-20% any time you have a barrier active. It’s a great way to encourage defense while also bolstering many of the Lucky Hit attacks available in Diablo 4. To make your barriers even more effective for the Aspect of Favor, check out our guide on Barrier Regeneration and ensure that you have the best defense.

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