How to Get the Aether Blade in MW3 Zombies

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Aether Blade MW3 Zombies
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The Dark Aether is much more than a fresh challenge in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, so if you’re looking for a fresh weapon, options like the Aether Blade are now available. However, you need to earn your way to the classified item that I will cover in this guide.

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Where to Find the Aether Blade Schematic in MW3 Zombies

You can get the Aether Blade Schematic by completing Contracts in the Dark Aether after using an Elder Sigil. This area is the hardest zone in MW3 Zombies, and reaching it will require some extra leg work. Completing Act 4 of the Zombies story is the first step to using the Dark Aether for Contracts, but that’s just the beginning.

Any time you complete normal Contracts in the High-Threat zone, there is a chance for a standard Rift Sigil to drop as a reward. You can take this and use it to open the standard version of the Dark Aether Rift. From there, there are typically three Contracts in the new zone that you can complete for the chance of getting an Elder Sigil.

Make sure to extract successfully and bring the Elder Sigil with you into the next match. Head back to the Dark Aether Portal and use the upgraded Sigil to transform the Dark Aether into a tougher zone. Then you can enter and start completing more contracts within this much more difficult MW3 Zombies location.

Completing all three Contracts in an Elder Sigil Dark Aether should provide you with at least one Classified Schematic. The Dark Aether Blade is one of those classified options, so running this gameplay loop will take you a maximum of three attempts if you are unlucky, or just one if you have luck on your side.

Before attempting to control the Dark Aether, make sure you know how to beat Gorm’gant at the exfil.

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