How to Get Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield

This is one enforcer you don't want to get on the wrong side of!

Starfield Syndicate Enforcer Unique Weapon
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If you fancy yourself a melee-only type of fighter in Starfield, you know firsthand that tracking down the right weapon to complement such a playstyle proves challenging. It’s seemingly impossible at times. But there are a small handful of unique melee weapons in Starfield, including a powerful katana. Here is how to get Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield.

Where to Get Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield

To get Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield, prepare for a bit of a trek, as you need to either enlist with Rujin Industries and commit to their faction quest line or find a way to sneak into the Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside. I chose the latter. If you head up to the roof of Ebbside, you’ll stumble upon an orange structure with a grate leading into the building. It’s a simple lock to pick, and then you’ll follow the ventilation shaft downward into the Syndicate Hideout. Inside a large server room with other equipment, you will find a yellow weapon crate on the table in the center. Inside is Syndicate Enforcer.

It’s a bit of a pain to grab, and it counts as stealing when you’re not tackling the Ryujin quest line, but this is one melee weapon you want to score early!

Syndicate Enforcer Stats and Details

Starfield Syndicate Enforcer Stats
Screenshot by Prima Games

Starfield has too few unique melee weapons, but this is one of the better options available. If you fancy yourself a Neon Streekid who wields a katana, then sneaking into the Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside to pick up this unique sword is a must. It’s lightweight, high damage, and includes two unique boons!

  • Weapon Type: Melee
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 49
  • Mass: 1.35
  • Value: 12894
  • Rare Effect:
    • Berserker – Does more damage the less armor you wear.
    • Lacerate – Randomly applies bleed damage to targets.

Of course, as is the issue with any melee weapon, to effectively use Syndicate Enforcer, you must close the distance with enemies immediately to avoid taking too much damage. If you can get close quickly enough, you’ll melt enemies.

If you’re in Ebbside, you might as well grab Street Sweeper in Starfield.

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