How to Get Soya in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Delicious beans for your cooking needs

Soya Crop in WALL-E Garden DDLV
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Gathering food items in Disney Dreamlight Valley is crucial for creating every cooked dish and finishing various quests. Soya is one of many ingredients you need for meals and missions, and although it isn’t a common cooking item, it’s still one you’ll encounter in recipes like teriyaki salmon and Tekka maki! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get soya in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Get Soya in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are three ways to get soya in DDLV:

  1. Buy some at the Sunlit Plateau Goofy Stall
  2. Grow some using soya seeds
  3. Harvest from WALL-E’s community garden

While the first two options have higher odds of providing soya, WALL-E’s garden has a random chance of growing some alongside others available in the game. However, it resets once daily, while Goofy’s Stall has a high chance of selling soya or its seeds in its daily rotation. Upgrade the garden and the Goofy stall to increase your odds of finding some soya!

The picture below shows me finding one soya crop in a fully upgraded WALL-E garden. While this is helpful if I only need one or two soya, I would have to go to Sunlit Plateau to buy more if I needed a bunch for recipes and quests.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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How to Grow Soya in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Soya Crop Growth Time

If you decide to grow soya, you’ll have to wait one hour and 30 minutes for the crop to mature. You’ll also have to water it multiple times, so check up on the plants occasionally until they finish growing. Alternatively, you can use Miracle Growth Elixirs to grow them instantly, but this won’t work if you plant the seeds on a rainy day!

Each harvest gives you three soya, so don’t worry about planting a bunch of seeds if you only need a few!

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