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How to Get Sorush in Genshin Impact

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New areas in Genshin Impact are infamous for needing some exclusive tools during exploration. In the 3.6 desert expansion, we were presented to Sorush, an ancient being that’s required for doing basically everything in the dry lands of Sumeru. 

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Without it, you won’t be able to explore more than half of the area, and it also makes reaching some areas much easier than usual. You can be stubborn and try to reach them normally as I did, but Sorush is so easy to get that it’s just not worth it. Here’s what you need to do to obtain it.

How to Obtain Sorush in Genshin Impact

The gadget/companion Sorush is obtained during the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline in the Girdle of the Sands area. When first exploring the northern desert, you’ll start an automatic quest (The Splendorous Sky That Day) next to a teleport that prompts you to search for a drum buried in the sands. Paimon will tell you to meet Katherine in Sumeru, and you will return to the sands after visiting the girl and officially starting the quest line.

Follow the quest back to the sands until you find Pyrrho, and you’ll meet Sorush right after beating him. After a few dialogues, Sorush becomes a gadget, as you’ll need its powers to progress through the quest. And after finally getting your hands on it, you have access to most of the area’s puzzles and secret areas. 

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How Does Sorush Work?

You can enter Sorush mode by pressing Z on your Keyboard. While controlling the Pari, you can fly freely through the skies and collect special items, such as the Plumes of Purifying Light, after completing their Sorush-specific puzzles. They usually involve dashing or reaching new areas with the controllable pet’s somewhat strange commands.

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Sorush can also interact with items such as the red Four-Leaf Sigils. By absorbing them with Sorush’s Skill, you can place them whenever you want to make exploration easier, and it’s also required for reaching certain Dendroculos and completing a few puzzles.

It can also grab the Nirodha Fruits (the yellow flowers scattered around mountains) to drop them over those orange solidified objects or purify filthy puddles during certain puzzles.

Lastly, Sorush is the only way you can interact with the Fravashi Trees and Udumbaras, which unlock more puzzles and, consequently, prizes in the area. So basically, no Sorush = no puzzles. Keep it on your side at all times during exploration.

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