Skeletor Skin MW2 and Warzone
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How to get Skeletor Skin in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2

Master of the COD Universe

Skeletor has been teased since Season 6 went live in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, but now everyone finally has the chance to get their hands on the skin. This Masters of the Universe crossover is just the latest in a string of content, and I’m here to help you equip some nostalgia in COD. Here’s how to get the Skeletor skin in Warzone and MW2.

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How to Unlock the Skeletor Skin in Warzone and MW2

The Skeletor Skin can only be unlocked by purchasing the Skeletor Operator Bundle in the store for 2,800 COD Points. This bundle went live for The Haunting Event, and while there are some skins you can unlock for free, this isn’t one of them. At 2,800 CP, you’ll need to pay around $28 to get the bundle. It depends on how many points you buy at one time.

Skeletor Bundle MW2 and Warzone
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Skeletor’s Operator Bundle is on the expensive side of skins, but at least there are plenty of treats that come with it. There are three different variations of the main skin for starters. Along with the Operator, you’ll get two weapons with purple shock tracers and a unique finishing move. Of course, there are some decals and charms as well.

All Items in the Skeletor Operator Bundle:

  • Skeletor Operator
  • Horde Skeletor (Alternate Skin)
  • Disco Skeletor (Alternate Skin)
  • Havoc – Vaznev-9k Tracer Blueprint
  • Grayskull Key – RPK Tracer Blueprint
  • Skeletor’s Malice – Finishing Move
  • War Sled – Vehicle Skin
  • Havoc Staff – Weapon Charm
  • Skeletor – Weapon Sticker
  • Lord Skeletor – Loading Screen
  • Overlord of Evil – Emblem

While The Haunting will come to a close by November 2, there is no timeline on when you can buy this bundle. Nearly all of the cosmetics you earn or purchase in MW2 will carry forward to Modern Warfare 3, so Skeletor will remain available in the foreseeable future.

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