How to Get Sinestea Chips in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here's the tea on how to get those chips

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought with it many new features, but one particularly prominent one is the new resource-gathering mechanic. Sure, Legends of Arceus had you gathering the items you’d need to craft Pokeballs and Potions, but Scarlet and Violet have taken things a step further by allowing Trainers to fight Pokemon and take bits of them after defeating them.

Bits sounds ominous. And, y’know, it kind of is. Why are you stealing Toedschool Flaps, Shinx Teeth, and Hoppip Leaves?

But there are some Poke-resources that you’ll need to get some pretty important items, especially if you want to complete your Pokedex.

How to Get Sinestea Chips in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The process of getting Sinestea Chips is pretty straightforward – you just need to defeat Sinistea and break off little bits of them to get chips. Fortunately, they seem to fall off with the process of battling. Against a little macabre. But maybe that porcelain grows back.

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The issue with this process is actually finding a SInistea. These teacup Pokemon tend to gather around towns and cities, and it’s likely that you’ll have the opportunity to meet your first one outside of Zapaico (East). But they seem to be a rare spawn here, with only one or two ever occurring.

I found that it spawned most commonly outside of Alfornada, no matter the time of the day. Unfortunately, the spawns here are around Level 40, and it can be a bit of a trek to get to this city. But if your Pokemon are up for it, Alfornada is surely the city to visit.

It also doesn’t seem to matter if you choose to battle Sinistea or auto-battle it. You’ll get between 1 to 2 resources no matter what.

Good luck on getting those chips, trainer!

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