How to Get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4

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Nightmare Dungeons are one of the more unique aspects of Diablo 4’s end game, allowing players to choose their own difficulty level. But if you want to do that, you’re going to need to craft Nightmare Sigils that match the level you want. And to do that? You’re going to need Sigil Powder. Here’s how to get Nightmare Dungeon Sigil Powder in Diablo 4.

How to Get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4

There are two ways to get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4. Firstly, it can drop in Nightmare Dungeons as a normal resource. Sigil Powder can also be created by salvaging Nightmare Sigils at the Occultist.

Nightmare Dungeons are still one of the best places to farm experience as of the Season 1 update. And that’s for good reason. Nightmare Dungeons provide players with some of the biggest challenges in Diablo 4’s end game, by offering high leveled monsters, buffs, and debuffs to the normal dungeon crawl experience.

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Salvaging Nightmare Sigils is the most reliable way to get Sigil Powder. To do this, head to the Occultist in any large enough town or village. The Occultist’s icon on the map is a triangle made of circles.

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Once you’ve found the Occultist, speak to them and tab right in the menu until you get to Salvage Sigils. Click the pickaxe and you’ll be taken to your inventory. Tab to consumables, then select the Nightmare Sigil you’ll break down to salvage for Sigil Powder. A Salvaged Nightmare Sigil will be destroyed.

The higher the tier level of the destroyed Nightmare Sigil, the more Sigil Powder you’ll receive.

Nightmare Dungeons can be a little confusing. There are so many tiers, but what’s really the difference beyond the monster level? Check out our guide here to learn and find out how it all breaks down: Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tiers Explained.

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