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How to Get Shiny Hitmonchan in Pokemon GO

Get the ultimate fighter in a vague shade of green

by Daphne Fama

Time to square up, trainer! If you want to catch a Shiny Hitmonchan, this is your best chance to do so. Here’s how to get Shiny Hitmonchan in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Hitmonchan in Pokemon GO

2023 is truly the year of trios. Or are things just better in threes? Either way, for a limited time, Shiny Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop will be much easier to catch.

On March 5, 2023, Hitmonchan and its cohorts will be at the center of the Catch Mastery event, which will task Trainers with quests like “Catch five Fighting-Type Pokemon” and “Catch two Hitmonchan”. In doing so, trainers will be rewarded with the opportunity to catch Hitmontop.

So, what does this mean for Shiny hunters or lovers of the punching-fiend Hitmonchan?

It means that for a limited time, Hitmonchan (and the related Hitmons) will be spawning at higher rates and will have an increased chance to be Shiny. If you’re not seeing a Hitmonchan in your area, try approaching your nearest Pokestop and putting down a lure or using a Daily Incense.

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Alternatively, you can choose to hatch a 7 km egg obtained during this event. If this egg is hatched, you’ll get a Tyrogue, which also has a chance of being Shiny. But for a Shiny Tyrogue to evolve into a Shiny Hitmonchan, it will need to have Defense as its highest stat.

If you have a Tyrogue with high defense, this is how you evolve it:

  • Tyrogue → 25 Tyrogue candy + Defense as the highest stat = Hitmonchan

Outside of the event, your best bet is to try to find Hitmonchan as a random spawn in Urban biomes or hatch a Tyrogue from your average 7 km egg. This leaves a lot more to RNG, and your chance of finding a Shiny Hitmonchan this way is 1 in 500.

Hitmonchan is also the best of its cohorts in PvP. And if you want to make it even better, consider these moves:

Best PvP Move Set for Hitmonchan

  • Fast Attack → Counter
  • Charge Attack → Close Combat, Ice Punch

Good luck finding a Shiny Hitmonchan, trainer! And while you’re at it, here’s how to get ready for Shiny Smeargle.

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