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How to Get Riptide in Destiny 2

Sudden, swift, and deadly. It's not the ocean, it's a wave of bullets.

by Daphne Fama

When it comes to Fusion Rifles, there’s one Legendary that stands head and shoulder above the rest: Riptide. Sudden, swift, and deadly, this Stasis Kinetic offers everything you want in PvE… but it’s likely you haven’t gotten it to drop in any PvE activity. Here’s how to get Riptide in Destiny 2.

How to Get Riptide in Destiny 2

Riptide is a Fusion Rifle that saw its debut in late 2022 during the Season of the Haunted, and though it made a quiet entrance, it’s gained a steady following since. And for good reason: Riptide excels in PvE but it’s also a good option for PvP modes…

And it’s in PvP that you’ll be able to find it. Riptide is a random weapon drop in Crucible. But don’t despair if Crucible is one of your least favorite activities in Destiny 2. One way to help the grind is to equip a Prosperity Ghost Mod (Crucible), as this will increase the amount / likelihood of weapon drops you’ll get. It’s also available through the Crucible Vendor, Lord Shaxx, through focused decoding. But it will come with randomized perks and will require one Crucible Gear Legendary Engram to decode.

But once you have it, what’s the perfect roll for it?

God Roll for Riptide in Destiny 2

Riptide is powerful with purely its perks alone, but it’s also best to combine it with Font of Might and Chill Clip. As for mods, Major Spec is ideal, as it’ll help you grind up those Powerful Enemies.

  • Basic Barrel → Corkscrew Rifling. Stability +5, Range +5, Handling +5.
  • Basic Battery → Accelerated Coils. Decrease charge time by 40 and damage by 2%.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Auto-Loading Holster. Refreshes stowed weapon (reloads) from reserves after 2.5 seconds.
  • Basic Trait 2 → Chill Clip. Direct hits with the top half of the magazine cause a detonation that slows nearby targets. While above 50% of the magazine, Direct Hits create a Stasis burst which applies 50 Slow to enemies within a certain range.

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