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How to Get Pottery Shards in Minecraft 1.20

Get ready to do some digging!

by Madison Benson
How to Get Pottery Shards in Minecraft

Every Minecraft update releases new animals, monsters and blocks to help us broaden our creative horizons. Sometimes the blocks are functional, while other times, they’re purely decorative and only serve to make things look pretty. New items come with these blocks and enemies, including crafting materials like pottery shards! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get pottery shards and what they’re used for in Minecraft.

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How to Get Pottery Shards in Minecraft

Pottery shards are an item introduced in Minecraft 1.20 that you can gain from archaeology. Using a brush, you can check out suspicious sand and gravel to get diamonds, emeralds and other materials. Among these are pottery shards, which have a low chance of appearing when interacting with these suspicious blocks.

There are 20 different pottery shards you can get in Minecraft that you can get in various structures. Even though they all come from suspicious gravel and sand, some are exclusive to one block or the other. The main difference is that while you may explore a particular spot and find a shard, the same one won’t appear in a different structure type.

What Are Pottery Shards Used for?

What Are Pottery Shards Used for in Minecraft

Once you collect four pottery shards, you can use them to create decorated pots! You can make a regular pot using four bricks, while these shards add symbols onto its four sides.

This also means that, depending on which you use, you can have different designs on your pot! If you want one picture on each side, just gather four of the same shard! Similarly, if you prefer having four different symbols, look out for four unique shards.

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