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You might think you don’t need to craft in Starfield, but that’s only before you start tweaking your equipment and discovering how strong it can truly get. Adding some special mods for them will make a strong weapon even stronger, but you’ll need tons of special resources and materials for that. One of those is the Positron Battery, and here’s where you can get it in Starfield.

Where to Find Positron Battery in Starfield

Positron Batteries can be bought from various shops across the galaxy in the Resources tab. Some of the sellers that can provide you with these are the Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis (Jemison), Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon (Volii Alpha), and UC Exchange at Cydonia (Mars). All of these shops are located in different systems, so just pick the one closest to you at this moment. Each battery costs 133 Credits.

Starfield UC Exchange Store
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They cannot be found normally while exploring planets, so you’ll need to buy them whenever you’re lacking them. If you bought all the ones available at your shop of choice and this isn’t enough, no need to travel to another planet. Just sleep in any nearby bed or wait for 48 UT hours in a nearby chair so the vendor can restock. This way you can get as many Positron Batteries as you need.

Starfield Positron Battery Ships
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You might also randomly stumble across some batteries by looting enemy spaceships. This happened to me precisely when I was traveling to get some of these, which was a neat coincidence. This is not as reliable as just buying them directly, but it’s nice to know that this can happen. You can get various different resources this way.

Positron Batteries are mainly used to make augments to your weapons and suits. Some of these include Exo Servos, Regenerate, and Sensor Array. You can stock up on some batteries and start making suits specialized for various different situations. Just make sure you have enough credits for that.

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