How to Get Positive Outlook in Destiny 2

Lead by example.

Bungie looked down upon the Guardians of Destiny 2 and saw they were suffering. And so, Bungie moved to make one of the best buffs the game has ever seen, increasing damage output for auto rifles by 25%. That means now is the time to get ready to grab Positive Outlook in Destiny 2.

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How to Get Positive Outlook in Destiny 2

Positive Outlook is a Legendary Void auto rifle that slots comfortably into your energy slot and offers a Precision Frame. That Precision Frame makes the recoil pattern more predictable and vertical, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a good auto rifle to drag into PvP if you feel like bucking the current meta of The Immortal, Le Monarque, and IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3.

But how do you actually get it?

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy, especially if you love grinding out those weekly engrams from playlists.

Positive Outlook is one of the potential drops for Vanguard Strikes coming in Season 21. It will also potentially drop from engrams earned by ranking up the Vanguard vendor, Zavala.

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As for whether it’s worth the grind, that’s yet to be seen. Like many of the weapons entering the loot pool with Season of the Deep, Positive Outlook is an old weapon that doesn’t have much of a perk pool beyond Kill Clip. Which is nice, but can’t compete with other guns with more customization.

When it returns, it will get a larger perk pool, and with luck, the perks will be good. Until then, we can’t begin to even theorycraft what God Roll might look like for it or if it’s still best for PvP.

If you’re interested in what other weapons are coming out next season, check out this exclusive Nightfall weapon: How to Get BrayTech Osprey in Destiny 2.

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