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How to Get Nintendo Platinum Points Fast

Those sweet points aren't just for digital items.

by Shawn Robinson

Alongside purely enjoying the games that Nintendo puts out, the company also provides a points system as a way of awarding you for completing certain actions. These can range from various in-game achievements such as completing different Chapters in Fire Emblem Heroes or from purchasing games on the Nintendo eShop. One type of points you can earn are Nintendo Platinum Points, which are slightly more difficult to earn. Here is how to get Nintendo Platinum Points fast and claim some sweet rewards.

How to Earn A Lot of Nintendo Platinum Points

Nintendo Platinum Points are earned by completing various missions using different services, mostly outside of Nintendo games. All of these missions can be found on the Missions page of the My Nintendo site. Some examples of these missions (at the time of writing) include finding hidden items on various game pages, linking your Google account to your Nintendo account, and enabling promotional emails to your Nintendo email. The more of these you complete, the more Platinum Points you can get. As such, the fastest way to get Nintendo Platinum Points is to complete the challenges as quickly as possible. These are updated frequently, so check back to the Missions page frequently.

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Nintendo Platinum Points can be redeemed for a number of things, mainly things that are mailed to you as physical items. These are all bits of Nintendo merch that can be quite cute, such as the Kirby’s Dream Buffet keychain featuring Kirby with two strawberries next to him. It only costs 600 Platinum Points too, which is cheap all things considered. Rest assured, you should not have any issues finding the items you want for your collection. While on the topic of Nintendo, be sure to check our review of the recent Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp.

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