How to Get Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4

How much monster blood do you need?

For Diablo 4’s Season 1, nothing is more important than a strong heart. Socket it into a piece of jewelry, and you’ll give yourself buffs that can redefine your build or bring it up to the next level. But if you’re looking for a particular type of Malignant Heart, you’re going to need a lot of Ichor. Here’s how to get Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4.

How to Get Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4

As you’ve slaughtered your way across Sanctuary, you’ve likely run across random bits of Malignant Ichor. This Ichor, which can fall into the Wrathful, Brutal, Devious, or Vicious categories, fall from a variety of resources. However, some resources are better than others.

The best methods of farming out Ichor are events and Malignant Tunnels. You can also obtain Malignant Ichor from simply defeating enemies which are obviously corrupted.

Corrupted enemies have unusual growths on them, and they’re more likely to drop Malignant Ichor. Elite enemies with the Malignant title in their name are also much more likely to drop Malignant Ichor. Event, followed by Malignant Tunnels, remain the best method.

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I highly recommend farming events for Ichor because they have the highest rate of dropping all types of Malignant Ichor. The second-best method is Malignant Tunnels because you’ll run into a lot of corrupted enemies, which will naturally drop the Ichor you’re looking for. Because this is the highest concentration you’ll find in the game, it’s a great option, too.

As you’ve fought and killed the corrupted, you’ve likely encountered a multitude of types. Did you know that each class has four Malignant Hearts specific to them? Check out our full list on them all here: All Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 Listed.

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