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How to Get Long Arm in Destiny 2

Ohhh now I get it, the Long Arm of the LAW

by Daphne Fama

Long Arm is undoubtedly the best name for a Scout Rifle possible. Is it short for the Long Arm of Justice? Is it because Scout Rifles are the long arms of guns? Is it because when you shoot someone with a scout, it essentially slaps someone in the face with a bullet, like a long-armed punch? The only limitation is your imagination. Anyway, here’s how to get Long Arm in Destiny 2.

How to Get Long Arm in Destiny 2

With Lightfall only 19 days away, many Guardians are getting their vault stocked up with the best weapons available. Or weapons that might prove difficult to get their gauntlets on with the coming of a new expansion. And one of the best Legendary Scout Rifles in the game falls into both of these categories.

I’m talking about, of course, the Long Arm (of justice).

This Scout Rifle has its place in both PvE and PvP, as it’s capable of popping heads in both. And getting it? Is fairly straightforward. If you have the Witch Queen Expansion, head to Mars and select the dungeon, The Spire of the Watcher. You’ll land on Mars and need to clear out a dusty town. Get to and complete the first encounter, Ascend the Spire.

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Once you do, you’ll get access to our first encounter chest, which will drop one weapon or one armor piece. Fortunately, dungeons are now infinitely farmable, so don’t worry if you don’t get Long Arm your first round.

But what’s the best role for this Scout Rifle?

God Roll for Long Arm in Destiny 2

Long Arm is a unique weapon in that the best perks for it are good for both PvE and PvP. I guess no one can really escape…. The long arm of justice.

  • Basic Barrel → Arrowhead Brake. Recoil +28, Handling +10.
  • Basic Magazine → Accurized Rounds. Range +10.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Rapid Hit. Gain 1 Rapid Hit stack per Precision Hit, granting Reload speed and Stability for 2 seconds.
  • Basic Trait 2 → Explosive Payload. Projectiles create an area-of-effect detonation on impact. Splits 50% of damage into an explosive damage portion that deals 30% increased damage and has no damage fall off.

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