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How to Get Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Would you brave the cold for a big hunk of citrine?

by Daphne Fama

Once you have cobbled together and enhanced your weapons with a variety of Kemono body parts, you will quickly find that you need something a little more substantial. More precisely, your weapon upgrades will start needing Lightstone. However, Lightstone can be a little tricky to find, especially if you have not explored Chapter 2 much yet. Here is how to find Lightstone in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Lightstone in Wild Hearts

First things first, you will need to unlock Akikure Canyon, one of the starting areas of Chapter 2. Once you have done that, Lightstone can be found in similar abundance to Corestone in Chapter 1. The difference, however, is where Corestone was a fine red, Lightstone is yellow. And like Corestone, Lightstone can be found most frequently around the walls of caves, tunnels, and rock outcroppings. Just pick a mountain and keep close to it, and you will likely find as many Lightstone as you need by just spamming the harvest button as you go.

For those who prefer a more precise location, head to Fuyufasagi Fort. This is within the territory of the deathstalker, a fearsome wolf Kemono. But ignore that, as the area outside of the fort is absolutely rife with Lightstone. And because of their coloring, they stand in sharp juxtaposition with the snow.

If you prefer to do a little less running and gathering, there is also a more passive approach. The Tsukumo Ore Shrine, which can be unlocked in the caracara Skill Tree, can be used to passively harvest Ore. The Tsukumo Ore Shrine is on the right side of the Skill Tree and will reap up to five ore over time, with the type depending on what is locally available. That means there is also a chance you will get Mirrorstone, too.

Just make sure the Ore Shrine is in Akikure Canyon or Fuyufasagi Fort!

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