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How to Get Kantonian Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The original bull is back

As much as you might love getting new regional forms for some Pokemon, it’s totally okay to miss their original forms if they’re unavailable naturally in said game. This is the case with Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, who boasted its new black-colored form in Paldea alongside two special variations. But the original Tauros from Kanto wasn’t available anywhere in the game. At least not until The Teal Mask DLC dropped. Here’s how you can get Kantonian Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to Find Kantonian Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Although it cannot be found in the wild, you can breed for the original Tauros in Kitakami. If you start a picnic and get a Tauros egg anywhere in the Kitakami Islands, said egg will give you a Kanto-breed Tauros instead of the black variants you find all around Paldea. This is the only way to get this particular kind of Tauros in Gen IX games without trading it from Pokemon HOME. He’s also shiny-huntable using this particular method.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Kantonian Tauros Picnic
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This only works if your egg was bred in the DLC-exclusive islands. Getting eggs while in the base game areas will still yield you the old Paldean Tauros. You can hatch them anywhere you want, but walking a few steps on the islands is easier.

How to Breed Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Being a 100% male species, you can only breed Tauros with a Ditto. Get both of them together at your party and start a picnic. Make an Egg Power Sandwich (a quick recipe for that is Butter, Peanut Butter, and Banana) and wait a few minutes. Take a peek at the basket near the table and you should see some eggs ready for hatching.

Take the eggs from your Boxes and start walking in circles for a few seconds in the city (to avoid bumping into random Pokemon) and your egg should hatch in no time. The whole process is being sped up thanks to your Egg Power Lv.2 Sandwich.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Kantonian Tauros Hatched
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Bring a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability (the Fletchling line and the Larvesta line usually have this) to make the hatching process faster. You can get multiple eggs in your party, but once one will hatch at a time.

Why Is Kantonian Tauros Available in Kitakami?

There’s no stated in-game reason for getting that Tauros breed in the islands. A fan theory suggests that Kitakami is located next to Kanto as both regions are inspired by Japanese culture, which makes getting Tauros from that region a logical consequence. 

By the way, the same trick also works for breeding Paldean Wooper into Johtonian Wooper. Johto is located right next to Kanto, which supports the theory further. But in Wooper’s case, this isn’t the only way to get his original form in Scarlet and Violet as there’s an in-game trade that gives you its classical version.

These Pokemon aren’t included in either Paldea or Kitakami Pokedex so far, so you’ll get them simply for your collection. But don’t worry as the new Pokedex still has a lot of Pokemon you can chase for.

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