How to Get into the Water Queens’s Cellar in Baldur’s Gate 3

I too like to hide my treasures in waterlogged caves

The Water Queen’s Cellar is full of treasure, but getting in can be difficult. Here’s how to get into the Water Queen’s Cellar and find all her treasure in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Get into the Water Queens’s Cellar in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Water Queen’s Temple is host to the best-dressed women in Baldur’s Gate 3. But like all temples, it has its fair share of treasure. And that treasure can be found in the Water Queen’s Cellar.

The Water Queen’s Cellar is located down the steps near the funeral in the Water Queen’s Temple. Follow the steps down the beach, towards where you can meet three anglers. Go past them, and you’ll find a cave. If you’re fast, you may even see the Water Queen follower enter the cave.

Unfortunately, once you’re inside, it’s clear that you’re not wanted. There are guards stationed everywhere. But there are a few ways to get past the guards in the Water Queen Cellar in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Use a Potion, Scroll, or Spell of Invisibility.
    • Be sure to Misty Step equipped as well.
  • Use Wild Form to turn into a Cat.
  • Kill everyone.

Personally, I recommend the Invisibility route. This will allow you to walk right past the guards without needing to kill anyone. Everyone in this cave is level 11, and they haven’t done anything wrong. But if you need the experience, killing the people here will not aggro anyone outside of the cave. This means you can complete the Avenge the Drowned quest without issue.

Note: you can’t get the Wavemothers’ Robe by killing them. The only way to get that robe is to complete Avenge the Drowned and side with Allander.

Once you get past the guards, you’ll find a metal door you can technically just open. If you’re Invisible, just Misty Step into the room. This will avoid aggroing the guards.

You’ll then find that there’s a large chest in the room. You can open it, but doing so will cause an explosion that will turn everyone hostile. The goods within the chest aren’t particularly good, just 300 gold, some gems, and jewelry. But the second hidden cache is even worse.

To find the second cache in the Water Queen’s cellar, head to the very back of the cave. You’ll see a sandstone rock wall to the left of the pool. Approach the very far corner of this wall to trigger a Perception check. If you pass it, you’ll find a rock wall that is immune or resistant to everything but Force. Eldritch Blast comes clutch here.

Open up the wall to find a second cache with a bit of gold, a pearl, and some alchemy ingredients. That’s all there is to find in this cave.

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