How to Get Into the Syndicate Hideout in Starfield

Be sneaky or be sneakier; it's up to you!

Starfield Frankie's Grab + Go in Ebbside, Neon
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During “Guilty Parties,” a mission on behalf of Ryujin Industries, you will need to find a way into the local Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside. There are a few different paths inside, but none are immediately clear. In fact, you have three options. Here is how to get into the Syndicate Hideout in Starfield.

How to Get Inside the Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside

As I said, there are three paths:

  • You can persuade Franchesca Moore, the local shop owner at Frankie’s Grab + Go, to unlock the door.
  • You can pickpocket the Seokguh Syndicate Keycard from her and open the door yourself.
  • Or, you can use the backdoor—a ventilation shaft found on the roof around the corner from her shop.

The simplest method, of course, is to persuade her to open the door. If you have the skill to pass the check, it’s as simple as walking through the front door. To pickpocket her, unfortunately, is a bit tougher, as she runs a shop that is active and lively with NPCs.

The alternative method, to sneak through the ventilation shaft, proves easiest overall, but it’s tucked out of the way.

Persuade Franchesca Moore

Starfield Franchesca Moore
Screenshot by Prima Games

First and foremost, try to persuade Franchesca Moore. The worst that can happen is she denies your request, and then you use one of the other methods.

For this, you’ll want your Persuasion skill leveled up somewhat, perhaps to tier 2, before attempting dialogue. Otherwise, pop a Hippolyta to improve your persuasion skill.

Steal the Seokguh Syndicate Keycard

If persuasion does not work, then it’s time for plan B. You can pickpocket the keycard from her if you have the Theft skill.

If you do, crouch down and sneak behind the counter where she stands. You’ll want to remain totally hidden from her and the occasional NPC that enters the shop; otherwise, you risk immediate detection. If you do get detected, expect a bounty.

Sneak Through the Ventilation Shaft

But perhaps the most interesting route into the Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside is through the ventilation shaft on the roof. To access it, leave Frankie’s Grab + Go and take the first right outside of the shop.

You’ll turn into an alley, with an elevator leading to the Plaza straight ahead and another alleyway to the immediate right. You want the right-hand path.

Starfield Syndicate Hideout Alleyway
Screenshot by Prima Games

From here, venture down a few feet until the alleyway opens up and you spot the staircase leading up to the upper levels of Ebbside. You must take the stairs all the way up. And when I saw all the way, I mean completely to the top until the rain hits your face.

Starfield Syndicate Hideout Backdoor Stairs
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re on the roof, turn to your left, and you’ll spot a square, orange building along the edge. You want to head around the backside of this structure, where you’ll notice a locked vent grate. It’s a relatively simple lock to pick, so don’t fret.

Starfield Syndicate Hideout Vent
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re inside, you’ll note it’s a tad bit dark, but there’s a path leading down through the ventilation shaft to your left. It’s a few floors down, but there are platforms within to stifle your fall.

At the very bottom, you will find yourself inside the Syndicate Hideout and able to complete your mission with ease! Just a quick note, however. Once you’re inside, do a little exploring because you can find the Syndicate Enforcer unique melee weapon here!

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