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How to Get Higher Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake

Security clearance required.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Security Clearance

Dead Space Remake is a survival horror game, which means a number of things. You’ll be fighting for survival and dealing with endless cosmic horrors, naturally. On top of that, you’ll have to deal with limited inventory space and resources, along with tough enemies who will require some thought to be put down. That also means challenges you must overcome, and this challenge deceptively makes it seem like you’re missing something. Here’s how to get a higher security clearance in Dead Space Remake.

How to Get Better Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake

There are many places you may have noticed security clearance blocking your progress. This might be on doors with a yellow shield symbol on them, or it could be a locker (as pictured above) that asks you to have a certain level of security clearance. You might think you missed something, but it’s not something you need to find at all. Security clearance levels are granted as you complete bits and pieces of the main story, particularly during key moments.

As such, it’s less about hunting around for small items and more about completing main objectives until one of your allies gives you the required clearance. That is, unless you want the Master Override security clearance. If you want this, then you’ll need to start the You Are Not Authorised side mission and find seven different rigs of crew members across the ship. It’s a lengthy side mission, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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You’d be surprised what can change when backtracking. One place you were at during the initial part of the game might look entirely different, and will likely be hiding some nasty surprises now that you’ve gotten stronger. That also means more loot, especially when visiting previously unseen parts of the game. Not just from the security clearance crates either.

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