How to Get High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

Just need to find the right key

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Some crafting materials are harder to come by than others in Starfield, and a good example would be the High Tensile Spidroin, used in certain defensive upgrades for your spacesuits. Finding them is not as straightforward as one would imagine, so take a look at where exactly you can get the materials for having better resistance against the unknown dangers of space.

Starfield: Where to Buy High Tensile Spidroin

High Tensile Spidroin is a little bit harder to find compared to other materials. The first place I could get my hands on it was in The Key spaceport, the headquarters of the Crimson Fleet located in the Kryx system. To reach the Key, you first need to join the Crimson Fleet through the UC Vanguard questline, which is a lengthy process by itself. But the payoff is worth it, regardless of how long it takes to do that.

Don’t try to visit without completing these quests, otherwise, the Fleet will just gun you down once you approach the system. And you’ll probably won’t be able to dock on The Key either.

Once you can enter The Key, follow the corridor to the left to enter the Cargo Bay, where all of the stores are located. Turn right at the Reckoner’s Core store and keep heading forward until you find Zuri’s Essentials, which will finally have a few of the High Tensile Spidroins you were looking for at the low price of 63 Credits each. If she gets out of stock, just wait for 48 UT hours in a nearby chair or bed so she can restock her supplies.

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Some have also reported that other sellers might have the Spidroins, such as the goods merchants in New Atlantis (Jemison) and Cydonia (Mars), but I haven’t managed to see the material in any other shop other than Zuri’s. You can save the game and load it to change the shop’s stock, but I wasn’t able to make the Spidroins show up in those. 

Starfield High Tensile Spidroin Shop
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Some people claim that a shop’s stock is tied to a player’s level, and I was around Level 15 while trying to refresh these earlier stores, so maybe you need to be higher than that, but Zuri was the only person who was willing to sell me those consistently.

High Tensile Spidroins are used to make some augments to equipment such as Heavy Shielding, which increases Damage Resistance for your suits and can be also applied to Helmets. This is a must-have for exploring dangerous planets, especially when going for a 100% Survey.

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