How to Get Free Steam 20th Anniversary Awards

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How to Claim Steam 20th Anniversary Rewards
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Valve has set us up with a treat to celebrate Steam’s 20th anniversary and, for a limited time, everyone can claim a handful of rewards to their Steam accounts. If you want to learn about the free awards and where to claim them, we’ll provide you with the details and instructions below.

Where to Claim Free Steam 20th Anniversary Awards

First, make sure that you are logged onto Steam. This can be done through your default web browser, on which you are using Steam, or the browser provided within Steam. Then, by using this Steam Store link, you can claim these six cool rewards that have some gaming and pop culture references for a limited time (Until September 19, 2023):

  • CS2 Animated Avatar
  • Animated Combine Tunak Tunak Tun Profile Background
    A bunch of Combines from Half-Life 2 mimic the choreography of Daler Mehndi’s Bhangra/Indi-pop song Tunak Tunak Tun, which became famous after being used as the dancing choreography for Draenei in World of Warcraft. The video was initially made in 1998 and is the first music video in India produced with the chroma key (green screen) technology. Looking back, the editing of this video is insane for the time it was created.
  • Steam 20th Anniversary Profile Background
    In the picture, you’ll see many characters from Valve games. Can you guess them all?
  • Nyan GlaDOS animated sticker.
    Reference to the “Nyan Cat” YouTube video. The sticker is an homage to the Portal series.
  • Day of Disaster animated sticker.
    Reference to the “Disaster Girl” meme. The sticker is an homage to the Day of Defeat game.
  • Keyboard Headcrab animated sticker.
    Reference to the “Keyboard Cat” meme. Play them off, Headcrab!

Pretty amazing gesture from Valve, indeed. Check out all upcoming Steam sales and fests to know what you can expect from Steam by the end of 2023.

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