How to Get Flour in Palworld

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Palworld flour
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Much like the real world, Flour is an important resource in Palworld if you plan on cooking foods such as cake, pancakes, and pizza. Let’s talk about how to get our hands on some.

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How to Make Flour in Palworld

Crafting flour in Palworld involves building a Mill, obtaining Wheat, and using a Pal with Watering work suitability to convert it. It’s a multi-step process that requires reaching level 15, having the resources to buy Wheat or get seeds from Pals, and having a Pal who can control the Mill.

How to Get Wheat in Palworld

The first step to making flour is obtaining Wheat, which you can do by building a Wheat Plantation starting from level 15. Making the Plantation requires getting Wheat Seeds, which you can find by catching Pals such as Flopie, Bistla, or Dinossom.

Alternatively, you can buy Wheat and Wheat Seeds from Wandering Merchants in regions such as the Small Settlement for 100 gold coins.

How to Make a Mill in Palworld

The Mill is a structure you can build after reaching level 15 and unlocking its Technology node. Once you do this, you need the following resources to build it:

  • 50 Wood.
  • 40 Stone.
Palworld mill technology to make flour
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Once you have your Wood and Stone, go into your Build menu and find the Mill under Production before placing it. After you finish building the Mill, you can interact with it and toss your Wheat inside, allowing any Pal with Watering work suitability to take over and turn the grain into Flour.

All Flour Recipes in Palworld

Below is a list of every recipe in Palworld that uses Flour:

Food ItemRecipe
BreadFlour (1)
Jam-filled BunFlour (1)
Red Berries (2)
PancakeFlour (1)
Milk (1)
CakeFlour (5)
Red Berries (8)
Milk (7)
Egg (8)
Honey (2)
CarbonaraFlour (1)
Milk (2)
Egg (2)
Mozzarina CheeseburgerFlour (1)
Mozzarina Meat (2)
Milk (2)
Tomato (2)
Mozzarina HamburgerFlour (1)
Mozzarina Meat (1)
Lettuce (2)
PizzaFlour (1)
Milk (2)
Red Berries (2)
Tomato (2)
Rushoar HotdogFlour (1)
Rushoar Pork (1)
Lettuce (2)

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